The View From Here

Well you can tell when our busy season hits — the blog posts come to a screeching halt. It’s a good thing to be busy, but I always feel a tinge of guilt when I’m ignoring She Said Spectacular! To that end, I’m going to try a new series entitled, “The View from Here,” filled with short glimpses and quick snippets of the parties we do in (almost) real time, snapped with entirely unprofessional, iPhone photos.

“The View from Here” is the perfect description for the first entry in the series… these were taken last weekend at Malaparte at the TIFF Bell Lightbox; otherwise known as the new, permanent home of the Toronto International Film Festival. Perched high above the street is the most stunning terrace where the guests feel like they are partying in the sky. These pictures were taken mid-afternoon, but once the sun began to set and the lights in the surrounding buildings started twinkling on, the effect was truly magical.

The occasion was an engagement party for 225 guests — people gasped as they came up the stairs and saw the view. (As a professional aside, there are 64 steps leading up above… let’s just say the poor Malaparte serving staff got a very good workout that night)…

Not to mention the poor installation guys from Contemporary Furniture Rentals; ALL this furniture was schelpped up those same 64 stairs and then back down again at 2:00am… I think it’ll be quite a while before they forgive me for this one!

I love how the happy sunflowers pop against the grey skyline in the background. Once we get the professional photos from the photographer we will share them — it was such a glorious evening up in the clouds; I can’t wait to see the pictures myself.