Table For 100

Once upon a time, we had a very unusual bride and groom who came to us with a most unique vision: “We want a single table for all of our guests to dine at and we want it to look like something out of a old Flemish painting; dripping over with oysters, pearls, candles and ripe fruit and flowers.” We worked closely with Bill Fulghum, who at the time still owned Church Street Flowers, to execute this very particular request; here are some detailed shots of what the guests got to experience that night.

Mushrooms, garlic, oyster shells and quail eggs were strewn down the length of the table, with spanish moss scattered throughout.

Tall stands covered in bulrushes and moss with candles hanging off gave the table the height it needed to balance the soaring ceiling in the tent.

I loved this detail Bill came up with: rusted treasure boxes filled with orchids… you can just make out the pattern on the box. The pattern on the petals perfectly mirrored the leopard print seats on the chiavari chairs that the groom’s grandmother (and two of her friends) just happen to own… how funny is that? We’ve never had clients with their own stash of chairs before.

Artichoke blossoms, red roses with the texture of velvet and shamrock chrysanthemums gave the table the necessary burst of colour.I always remind clients that their wedding should be a direct reflection of who they are as a couple and I cannot think of a better example than what we achieved here. The drama of the single, long table, the hundreds of small details going down the length, the nerve to serve lamb (!) as the main course made for a most memorable evening. When I heard a guest exclaim “Oh my God, this is so them,” I knew we had hit the nail right on the head.

We have photographer Storey Wilkins to thank for the smorgasbord of beautiful pictures.