Ready for My Close Up

We were asked to film a segment on the Steven & Chris Show last week on the CBC; and while seeing myself on television absolutely makes me cringe, we showcased a few fun details that are worth featuring here on the blog.

Our challenge was to come up with a Kate Middleton-inspired head table, in honour of the upcoming Royal Wedding. More posts are sure to come from this fun experience, but for now, I thought I might show the menus and the favour cards.

One of the requests I had from the producers of the show was to have a DIY component to our table. With this in mind, we designed the menus to look like scrolls… Christine Flynn from Love the Design designed and printed them on a really cool parchment paper she fortuitously had lying around her studio. I then had wooden doweling cut to size and went to work with a trusty glue gun, some Crazy Glue and a whole lot of bling, courtesy of my local bead store.

For anyone who knew me back in high school, rest assured I am still TERRIBLE at math! The reason there are two different styles of beading is because I miscalculated how many mini crowns we would need. Alas, it turned out just fine because it shows the different looks you can achieve, just by switching out what you attach to the end of the dowel. This, of course, is for a very fancy wedding, but I imagine that you could put seashells on the side if you were having a beach wedding, or acorns if your nuptials were to take place in the countryside etc.

Finally, we were asked to come up with some kind of giveaway or favour… Quite honestly, I couldn’t imagine Will and Kate doing anything of the kind, so I did what I suggest a lot of my clients do, and that is to make a charitable donation instead. For this, Christine Flynn designed an origami-fold card, that I sealed with a wax seal, encrusted with a formal ‘W’ for the House of Windsor. I picked a real charity that William is a big supporter of: The Prince’s Trust, which helps educate, train and employ youth in the UK.

To read more of what we created for the actual shoot, click here.
Thank you to my sister for allowing me to take advantage of her and her Big Girl camera on a long weekend…