La Vita e Bella

Last year, we had the pleasure of coordinating the wedding for our Sunniest Bride Ever (who also happened to have one of the best “how did you meet each other?” stories we’ve heard): She and her fiancé literally bumped into each other on a street corner. As in, bam! When he asked why she was so happy, given that he’d almost flattened her, she replied “because life is beautiful and I’m always this way!”

So when it came time to start planning this wedding for Miss Sunshine to our dashing, charming and worldly Italian groom, it was no surprise when she chose a night in Tuscany as her inspiration. The Boiler House restaurant was filled with simple blue glazed terracotta pots filled with simple, cheery sunflowers. (Truth be told, since some of the courses were to be served family-style, there was no room on the narrow tables for anything more elaborate — but the effect was simple and joyous). We brought in the chairs to complete the look and -voilà- bellissimo!

Pantry Press printed the menus on yummy, sunflower-yellow vintage paper from the 70’s they had bought from a supplier years before and had had lying around the shop… I guess the colour hadn’t exactly been in high demand before this bride walked in…

Elaine from The Vintage Gardener down in the Distillery District did all the floral work and managed to capture the feeling our bride was going for perfectly.

By this point in the post, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that our bride’s favourite drink is a Shirley Temple. What surprised us, though, was how popular the drink was with guests! Perhaps it’s one of those happy-childhood-memory things that immediately takes you back to drinking ‘cocktails’ with your parents at Fancy Restaurants… I don’t know. Regardless, we ran out several times and the bartenders scrambled to keep up with the Shirley Temple demands! Just when I think I’ve seen it all…

Photo credits: Storey Wilkins Photography. Brava!