Dog Days of Summer, Part One

Nothing says ‘summer in Ontario’ like a wedding in Muskoka. And nothing says ‘logistical challenge’ like a wedding on a private island in Muskoka… Behind the beautiful photos are months of preparation: tents, flooring, lighting, power, flowers, florists, tables, chairs, ovens, plates, glassware, chefs, catering staff, DJs and their equipment, alcohol (lots and lots of alcohol), musicians, officiants… all these things have to be barged over in a delicate dance of precise timing, the favour of the Weather Gods and plain old good luck. Once everything is in place, the next step is to get all the guests there! A few magical hours later, it’s all over and the work begins again to get all of the above OFF the island… If this sounds like a lot of work, it is a lot of work but the chance to share a unique place you love with your family and friends is worth all the effort in the world… then throw in a glorious sunset for good measure and you’ve got an experience few people will forget anytime soon!

A great big thank you to Leigh Tynan who not only took the gorgeous pictures but also schlepped stuff on and off the supply boats! Talk about team spirit!