Dessert Fit for a Princess

Since the Royal Wedding is just around the corner, I thought I would publish a post about a wedding we did last year. It was the first time, believe it or not, that we were asked to create a Fairy Tale Wedding for a bride-to-be. She had found her Prince Charming, the castle was booked and now it was up to us to coordinate the details that would bring her dream to life.

One of the first calls I made was to the dashing caterer Rick Rowe, formerly with Daniel et Daniel, and now with Presidential Gourmet. Rick immediately got the vision and hit a home run when he suggested white-glove, cloche service and a Fabergé Egg for each guest, sitting under a cage of spun sugar for dessert.

The Egg itself was rich, dark chocolate, molded into a delicate egg form (in two halves to make the whole). These were filled with the lightest dark chocolate mousse and flavoured with a hint of Triple Sec. The spun sugar cage was molded and created in advance of the mousse. An entire week was spent creating the masterpiece, as the timing and order of the multiple steps (sugar cage, chocolate base, chocolate egg mold, mousse, egg decoration, dragées) was key to producing this fragile and beautiful indulgence.


I was so proud of Rick when he wrote to tell me that his creation won a Catie Award (the International Caterers Association), a few months after this magical evening. Working with such creative and professional people in this industry is one of the best parts of my job. I love when I give a colleague a nugget of an idea and then see them run with it — in this case, Rick soared to new heights. This dessert made guests’ mouths drop open when presented to them and went far beyond anything our Fairy Tale Princess ever imagined when she dreamed about her wedding…
Images courtesy of Storey Wilkins Photography