Daniela and Marco: Some Fun Details

Now that you’ve seen some of the beautiful room shots, we thought you might enjoy seeing some of the details that didn’t make it into the magazine… Because this wedding reception was being held at the Royal Conservatory of Music, we thought we should embrace some of the elements that could be found within the hallowed halls of what is arguably Canada’s finest music school.

During cocktail hour, all the hors d’oeuvre were passed by waiters on cymbals. This particular photo shows Couture Cuisine’s mouth-watering crispy fried shrimp with a kadaifi crust. Oh my…

This photo cracks me up: it was taken long before the guests arrived… Kristin Campbell, the Facilities Rental Manager snapped this photo of the cymbals going through the dishwasher at the RCM on her iPhone!

Escort cards were slotted in between the strings of three beautiful, ornate harps. The harps were handily situated at the top of the stairs, so they were the first thing the guests saw as they entered the Atrium where the dinner took place.

Finally, a detail that was a small, inside joke for our bride and groom. Pantry Press did up these cheeky signs to go on the back of Daniela and Marco’s chairs. The original artwork from the letterpressed invitations was carried through the entire day; from the escort cards, to the menus and beyond…
Ikonica’s T.H. Jackson Huang was the natural choice to photograph this wedding. Not only is he a gifted photographer, he spent years of his youth studying and practicing violin at the Royal Conservatory! Thank you, to Jackson and his team for capturing this magical day so beautifully.