Party In the Trees

I gasped out loud when I read about The Yellow Treehouse a couple of months ago in Metropolitan Home magazine. Talk about taking our Swiss Family Robinson fantasies to new heights! This project was originally commissioned as a publicity stunt by the Yellow Pages — everything used to construct it can be found in their book — and built in […]

The Day the Ice Went Out

Every year the residents of the village where my father lives take bets as to which day the ice will finally go out… and while I’m not sure if anyone ever makes any money off this highly-competitive ‘sporting’ event, this year my sister and I happened to be there the day it happened. She shot this very short video — […]

The Story Behind this Photo…

Ask any of us who work in the event industry — we have some pretty great stories. And truth is almost always stranger than fiction. This particular story still gives me chills every time I re-tell it: The wedding took place in Mont Tremblant, Quebec and making “the call” to hold the ceremony outdoors was particularly stressful as there were […]

Deliberate Acts of Kindness

I recently did a charity event and was given a dakband for my efforts. dak is short for Deliberate Acts of Kindness and the concept behind these bracelets is so simple and wonderful. Here’s how they work: you wear multiple dakbands on your wrist and when you witness someone doing something kind for someone else, you approach them and offer […]