Erin & Robert in WedLuxe Magazine

The latest issue of WedLuxe Magazine has just hit the newsstands and we are so thrilled to finally be able to share this spectacular wedding with the world. Guests were treated to three individually-designed areas in the family’s backyard: the all-white ceremony space where we covered the pool in lucite, followed by the serene cocktail tent, all done in shades […]

There Were Signs All Along

We did the coolest wedding back in September. Our groom had a vision to get married in a clearing in the woods; and, boy, we did it up in style! Female guests were encouraged to wear their flats for the picturesque walk in and out of the forest. We hung signs along the way: Each one said one thing going […]

A Winter’s Tale

Another oldie but goodie… this is the beautiful winter wedding we did in Lake Louise, Alberta, almost 2 years ago. I wrote about the skating party we threw on the frozen lake in a previous blog post, but realized I never posted photos of the actual dining room… The dinner reception was held in the storied Victoria Room at the […]

The Inaugural Friendship Ball

The new Four Seasons Hotel opened in Toronto yesterday; and weirdly, that got me feeling nostalgic for the old ballroom that hosted many of the city’s greatest parties in it’s 30-odd years of existence. One of those parties was a couple of years ago — I never blogged about it, but it was one of those Great Ones, mostly because […]

Quote of the Year: 2012?

“My feet hurt more today  than they levitra drug did after  I ran the Chicago Marathon.” Sarah Farr September 16, 2012 The day after our own ‘marathon’ wedding and a full 23-hours on our feet.

Arboriculture 101

Once Upon a Time, someone had the brilliant idea to incorporate the apple orchard we were putting a tent into, into the tent…  The trouble is, this build is so complicated (multiple, massive tents with different flooring elevations), that the tents started to go up 5 weeks before the actual event. So the family’s arborist swung by and offered up […]

The View From Here: Bymark

Just wanted to share this really cool photo taken at an engagement party Gabi planned at Bymark restaurant last weekend. The ever-fabulous Michael Greenberg of Phototerra fame came in to town to shoot this for us. We tented the patio with as-big-of-a-tent-as-we-could-possibly-fit, then filled it with Indian-inspired food, Bhangra music and the guests did the rest! The contrast of the […]

Runway Bride

We had the best time planning this fashion-themed wedding shower for our ‘Runway Bride’ last year. The bride’s mother, sister and Lidia Tacconelli and I schemed, planned and executed the most decadent party — a fashion- themed brunch on a cold and grey Sunday last November at Malaparte. Given that our bride loves all-things-fashion, we divided the guests up into […]

A Three-Hour Tour… A Three-Hour Tour

So, you may have heard through the grapevine that we built a 5000 sq. ft. floating ballroom in Muskoka a couple of weeks ago. Yes, you read right: it was well and truly floating.  On a lake. The dilemma? If the tent is on the water, where on earth do you put the toilets? Our solution was to float them […]

We Really ‘Love the Design!’

Last year, one of our favourite couples called their wedding off, just 3 weeks before the big day. Naturally, everyone was devastated, and for all the reasons you can imagine. However, I’m so happy to report that they went away from the experience, went to therapy, worked hard on their relationship and… 11 months later, married each other in what […]