We are a small but mighty company, filled with ladies who live, eat and breathe for our events – and, most of all, for our clients. Meet our team:


Melissa Haggerty

Event Planner

After founding SpectacularSpectacular in 2004, Melissa quickly became known for planning extraordinary parties in unusual places and spaces: in fact, nothing gets her more excited than doing something that’s never been done before. Upon graduating from OCAD University’s design program, she lived, worked and travelled to many faraway places; all experiences that have helped to shape each and every event she plans to this day. Melissa possesses an unusual combination of creativity and practicality — a rare right brain/left brain thing that clients have learned to love and rely on. So while all our parties are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, the thing she’s most proud of is that they’re also extremely well run.

Her specialty is coming up with the unique ideas that make each event special and different from any other; she takes time to do things properly, putting in the extra effort that often goes unnoticed, but helps elevate that event to a new level. There is no cutting of corners and no detail is too small to not obsess over until it’s perfect!

Outside of the event planning world, her passions include: really dark chocolate, her dog Jinx La Rue, contemporary art & photography, as well as all forms of graphic, interior and industrial design. Oh, and she’s been known to follow Formula 1 Racing too…

Gabi Armenia

Event Planner

Gabi is the Yin to Melissa’s Yang… While Melissa is coming up with the Big Ideas, it’s up to Gabi to figure out how to make it all happen efficiently, seamlessly and elegantly. A self-professed Geek, Gabi loves nothing more than putting together lists, schedules & spreadsheets: everything needed to keep your event on track, on time and on budget. She is a born people manager, planner and is Type-A to a T.  She will work tirelessly to ensure every minute detail of your event is looked after and executed to perfection.

Gabi is a graduate of Queen’s University, class of 2004.  She is passionate about everything food and wine and has serious aspirations to become a Sommelier before the age of forty.  She is already an amateur Chef and hosts regular dinner parties in her home every chance she gets.

She has lived in the Czech Republic, Austria, England and Canada and continues to travel whenever she is presented with the opportunity.  She loves big mountain skiing, yoga, cooking, eating and enjoying all that life has to offer alongside her husband Sam.

Sarah Farr

Office Manager and Scheduling Guru

Sarah’s lovely English accent is the first thing you’ll hear when you reach out to us. The first point of contact on most events, she keeps Melissa’s and Gabi’s calendars in order, schedules the meetings with and for our clients and, most importantly, is the person you can always reach when Melissa and Gabi are away from their desks.

Born and raised in the UK, Sarah first arrived in Canada in the 1990’s to complete her work placement at The Royal Canadian Yacht Club as part of her Hotel & Catering Management Degree in the UK  – who knew 14 years later she would still be here!

After numerous jobs in the hospitality industry both in the UK and Canada in private clubs, restaurants and hotels, she then furthered her education by completing a degree in Marketing. From there she obtained positions in the PR industry in Toronto working for retail and IT companies. She met and started working with Melissa in 2007 and has been with her ever since.

Sarah’s interests outside of work are: running, volunteering for Hospice Toronto, all-things-British, her family and her new Chocolate Labrador puppy, Holly.