A Three-Hour Tour… A Three-Hour Tour

So, you may have heard through the grapevine that we built a 5000 sq. ft. floating ballroom in Muskoka a couple of weeks ago. Yes, you read right: it was well and truly floating.  On a lake.

The dilemma? If the tent is on the water, where on earth do you put the toilets? Our solution was to float them right next to the tent. Yup. On the water too. This post is dedicated to the journey the Royal Flush took that day — it’s Maiden Voyage, so to speak. The first picture shows us backing the 30,000 pound bathroom trailer onto a barge before sending it on on it’s 3-hour trip across Lake Joseph…

This photo shows how little wiggle room there was to manoeuvre it into place in our attempt to get it perfectly centred for even weight distribution. For those of you techie readers out there, the barge is 12′ x 40′ and the bathroom is 8.5′ x 32,’ with a 3-ft hitch to factor in as well. The barge driver had to add ballast to the left side once it was in place to make it a more even ride.

Over three hours later, this was the first view I had of the unit coming into view. I squealed like a proud mother, once I finally saw it arriving. It had been like sending your child off to first day of kindergarten, watching it pull away from the boat launch, heading off into the great unknown…

Doesn’t it look lonely, out there by itself, slowly chugging into place? The party-goers never questioned how the bathroom got beside the tent… it was

just there. Now, dear readers, you know what went into making it happen. (Not to mention the fact we had to factor in that it was going to

weigh a whole lot more when it went back on it’s merry way to dry land… ahem). Yes, all of these things have to be accounted for: we can’t leave anything to chance!

Yet another example of the extremely non-boring life of an Event Planner…

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